• Your doctors can coordinate your care, avoid costly mistakes.

  • You save deductibles and copays.

  • You can read your records, correct mistakes.

  • You enjoy peace of mind, know your doctors can access your complete record.

Why do I need MedKaz? My doctors have my records.

No doctor has all of them. If you see or have seen multiple physicians in different practices or cities, none have all your records in one place. MedKaz solves that problem.  Also, MedKaz is the only system where you can read all your doctors’ notes and correct any errors.

How do my records get on my MedKaz?

It’s easy. For your initial uploads, you send your doctors our prepopulated Request Records forms and HIPAA Releases instructing them to send copies of your records to us. For ongoing visits, you also instruct them to send your records to us. They can upload them directly to our Server or fax/mail them to us – the addresses are on your MedKaz. In either case, we process them, email you when they are ready. You download them to your MedKaz with only two clicks.

How much is MedKaz and who pays for it?

MedKaz is an annual subscription service which includes a MedKaz and our annual Update & Support Service. You can subscribe for $99.00 annually, $52 semi-annually or $9 monthly for one MedKaz. Family and Group Packs are less per MedKaz. Out-of-pocket savings more than cover costs. You pay today. In the future we expect insurers, employers and government will pay.

I don't remember every doctor I've seen. What then?

You don’t have to remember their contact details. If you remember their hospital or practice, our automated procedures will help you easily identify their contact information, and generate prepopulated Requests for Records and HIPAA Releases instructing them to send your records to us.

Why is MedKaz a minidrive rather than a smartphone app?

Because more than 57 million adult Americans still do not have smartphones and would be left out.  They include almost 30 million senior citizens and more than 50 million low income earners (including seniors) — all of whom are heavy users of healthcare. In contrast, anyone can afford and use MedKaz. When more own smartphones, we’ll offer MedKaz as a smartphone app, too.

Is MedKaz hard to use?

No. If you can log onto a computer, perform a search and read a document in a browser, you can use MedKaz.

Can I read my records on my MedKaz?

Yes. You can log on anytime, read any record, and create addenda to correct any mistakes. And if you want to learn about an illness or symptom mentioned in a record, you can click on Health Links (on your MedKaz) and select an information site such as Mayo Clinic or WebMD to read about it.

What if I lose my MedKaz or it gets corrupted?

You back up your MedKaz after using it. If you lose it or it gets corrupted you simply recover your backed up records to a new MedKaz. Both backup and recovery are easy and fast.

Can my records be breached or stolen? Are they secure?

MedKaz is the most secure system available because we do not  store your records. When your records are downloaded, we erase them from our Server.  When they are on your MedKaz, they are encrypted and password controlled.

Can anyone download my records from my MedKaz?

Not without your permission. If your doctor or anyone else wants a copy of a record, you must enter your password before they can download it.

Whom do I contact if I have a problem with my MedKaz? or call Patient Support at 877 580-4500.


  • You use your patient’s MedKaz alongside your EMR or paper charting system.

  • Unlike your EMR experience, MedKaz requires no special training, is simple to use, blends seamlessly into your workflow.

  • Gives you complete picture of your patients’ care from other providers; saves you time with each patient, increases your income.

  • Your patients enjoy peace of mind, better care, better health; experience fewer medical mistakes, tests, sick days; save deductibles, copays.

How do I use MedKaz?

We recommend you plug your patient’s MedKaz into standalone PC or Mac in your exam room.  When you log on, important documents, such as a current Health Summary and Referral Request, are waiting in a browser. They immediately bring you up to date with your patient’s situation — saving you three to six precious minutes. As you examine your patient and want to know about their history or care from others, you search their MedKaz and read their other doctors’ records (you can download copies when your patient enters their password). When you finish the visit, you record your progress notes in your own charting system as you normally do. Your assistant uploads a copy to our Server or sends a copy to us to process. (When you have an API interface with MedKaz, your notes will upload automatically.)

We're not permitted to plug a USB drive into our computers.

That’s fine. We recommend you not  plug your patient’s Medkaz into your system. Instead, plug it into a standalone PC or Mac (PCs cost less than $400), and use it alongside your charting system. This way, MedKaz can’t expose your system to malicious software, and vice versa.

What other systems do what MedKaz does?

None. No other system, network or vendor today or for the foreseeable future can give you instant access to your patient’s complete medical record from all their providers in one place.  Period.

How much will MedKaz cost me?

Nothing. Instead of you paying us, we pay you — to upload your patient’s records to our Server (it takes only a minute or so). It is free to you and requires only a small investment in standalone computers. Your patients pay around $100 per year (Family and Group Packs are less).  If their employers, insurers or government pay, it can cost as little as $4.00/month/per employee/insured.)

Whom do I contact if I have a problem with patients' MedKaz? or call Provider Support at 877 580-4500.


  • You enjoy happier, healthier employees/insureds, less abenteeism, greater productivity, fewer insurance claims and reduced health insurance costs.

  • Your employees/insureds enjoy peace of mind, better care and better health. They’ll also need fewer tests and sick days — saves them deductibles and copays, and you the cost of care that’s not required.

  • Providers treating your employees can coordinate their care, provide better care at lower cost and increase their income.

Why offer MedKaz as a benefit?

It will engage your employee/insured in their care and directly reduce your health insurance costs. By aggregating your employees’ complete medical record in one place, along with the application to manage them, their doctors can coordinate their care and reduce costs by avoiding costly mistakes and unnecessary visits, tests, procedures. Your employees/insureds will save some money, but you’ll save much more.

What's the MedKaz business model?

The patient, insurer, employer or government buys an annual subscription to our MedKaz Update & Support service. A percentage of this subscription revenue is paid to providers to upload their notes to our Server – that’s their new revenue. Your employee saves deductibles and copays while you enjoy fewer, smaller claims.

How much does MedKaz cost?

Bought as part of a group by an employer, insurer or government agency, the cost can be as low as $4.00 per participant per month (it’s $99 per year when purchased by an individual). This cost will be easily recovered when one mistake, visit or unnecessary test is avoided. When procedures such as MRIs and CT Scans, a day in an ICU, or a night in the hospital are avoided, your ROI will be extraordinary.

What if MedKaz is lost or corrupted?

It’s encrypted so the records are secure. The employee/insured simply recovers their backed-up records to a new MedKaz.

Whom do we contact to discuss MedKaz and arrange a demo?

Write, or call Customer Service at 877 580-4500.