• Your doctors can “connect” with you, coordinate your care, avoid costly mistakes.

  • You save deductibles and copays.

  • You can read your records, correct mistakes.

  • You enjoy peace of mind knowing your doctors can access your complete record.

Why do I need MedKaz? I'm healthy and rarely see a doctor.

For you, MedKaz is like an insurance policy. It’s there when you need it. We hope you remain healthy. But when you do need care is not the time to start assembling your records, and they may not even be available. Your continued health and even your life may depend upon your physicians having instant access to them. With MedKaz, they do.

Why do I need MedKaz? My doctors have my records.

None of your doctors have all your records in one place. Each has his or her records but not your records from your providers in different practices, cities or hospitals.

MedKaz has all of them — so any provider you see, with your permission, can search and read them during your visit. And after your visit, MedKaz’s new Targeted Record Sharing function enables you to automatically send copies of the records from that encounter to your primary care provider (PCP) and other providers who treat you for the same illness.

Moreover, as time passes you can always access all your records on your MedKaz even if you can no longer get them from your doctors or hospitals, or you can’t remember your earlier illnesses and care.

Why can't my doctors do what MedKaz does?

Our approaches to sharing records are exact opposites.

MedKaz focuses on you, the patient. It gives you control of all your records from all your providers which you can share with any provider you see at the point of care, or remotely following a visit. It works. And it empowers you to participate in your care management.

Their approach excludes you. It tries to connect your providers’ record systems on the “fly” when you require care. After years of trying, no one has been able to make this approach work.

How do my records get on my MedKaz?

It’s easy. Your providers are required by law to give copies of your records to you or anyone you designate.

  • Getting started: you send your providers our prepop­ulated Request Records and HIPAA Release forms which instruct them to send copies of your past records to us.
  • Ongoing: every time you see a doctor you tell them to send us a copy of their complete notes for your visit. (Our address is on your MedKaz.)
  • When we receive your records, we make them electronically searchable and email you when they are ready. You download them to your MedKaz with two clicks!

How much is MedKaz and who pays for it?

MedKaz is an annual subscription service. It includes a MedKaz and our annual Update & Support Service. You pay $99.00 annually (Family and Group Packs are less per MedKaz).

Your expected savings far exceed this cost. In the future, we expect insurers, employers and government to pay — because they save the most money.

Why is MedKaz a minidrive rather than a smartphone app?

Because more than 57 million adult Americans — most of whom are heavy users of healthcare — do not own smartphones. They include almost 30 million senior citizens and more than 50 million low income earners (including some seniors). In contrast, anyone can afford and use MedKaz. (When more own smartphones, we’ll consider offering MedKaz as an app.)

Is MedKaz hard to use?

No. If you can log onto a computer, perform a search and read a document in a browser, you can use MedKaz.

Can I read my records on my MedKaz?

Yes. You can log on anytime, read any record, and create addenda to correct any mistakes. You also can learn about any illness mentioned in a note by clicking on Health Links (on your MedKaz) and selecting an information site such as Mayo Clinic or WebMD.

What if I lose my MedKaz or it gets corrupted?

You back up your MedKaz every time you use it. If you lose it or it gets corrupted, you simply recover your backed up records to a new MedKaz. Both backup and recovery are easy and fast.

Can my records be breached or stolen? Are they secure?

MedKaz is the most secure system available because we do not  store your records. When your records have been downloaded, we erase them from our Server.  When they are on your MedKaz, they are encrypted and password controlled.

Can anyone download my records from my MedKaz?

Not without your permission. If your doctor or anyone else wants a copy of a record, you must enter your password before they can download it.

Whom do I contact if I have a problem with my MedKaz?

Email or call Patient Support at 877 580-4500.


  • You use your patient’s MedKaz alongside your EMR or paper charting system.

  • Unlike your EMR experience, MedKaz is free to you, requires no special training, is simple to use, blends seamlessly into your workflow, frees you to “connect” with your patients.

  • Gives you complete picture of your patients’ care from other providers; saves you time with each patient, increases your income.

  • Your patients enjoy peace of mind, better care, better health; experience fewer medical mistakes, tests, sick days; save deductibles, copays.

We have a very powerful EMR system. Why should we bother with MedKaz?

Because MedKaz does what your system can’t do. It:

  • Gives you access to your patients’ complete medical record from all their providers at the point of care — even when their early records are no longer available from their other providers, or they no longer remember their earlier illnesses and treatments.
  • Enables your patient to automatically send you records of their encounters with other providers who treat them for the same illness(es) as you do.
  • Enables you to deliver better, lower-cost care by avoiding medical errors, unnecessary visits, tests and procedures.
  • Saves you time with each patient which you can use to “connect” with them.
  • Is a new source of revenue and profits. By embracing MedKaz, a PCP can earn an additional $50 thousand per year. Group practices and hospitals, depending upon their size, can receive several hundred thousand to millions of dollars in additional revenue and profit.
  • Most importantly, by making total interoperability possible today, important changes in the way care is delivered, organized and paid for can be adopted.

I prefer to keep paper charts. I don't use an electronic charting system.

MedKaz is charting-system agnostic. It enables you to coordinate your patients’ care even if you keep paper charts. But if you use it together with our special Patient Record Manager application, you can have your cake and eat it, too.

You’ll also be able to enjoy the practice-management benefits of electronic records. For example, when you are notified of a drug recall or a disease alert, you’ll be able to instantly generate a list of your patients affected, along with their contact information, so you can immediately contact them.

Is this just another fly-by-night system? Here today, gone tomorrow?

On the contrary, it works today with all electronic and paper systems, and it will work tomorrow with whatever systems you or others adopt. It’s the most versatile and probably the easiest system to use that you’ve ever seen.

And because it works with any and all systems, it makes it easy for practices and hospitals using different EMR systems to work together in an ACO or merge. They each can enjoy total interoperability with MedKaz even though their own systems can’t share their patients’ records.

We’re not allowed to plug a minidrive into our computers.

That’s fine. In fact, we recommend you not plug your patient’s Medkaz into your system. Instead, plug it into a standalone computer, and use it alongside your charting system. This way, your system can’t be exposed to malicious software; neither can your patient’s MedKaz.

How do I use MedKaz?

When you log on, a current Health Summary (and possibly a Referral Request and Complaint Report) opens in a browser. You scan them quickly to understand your patient’s issues — saving you three to six minutes which you can use to talk with your patient.

  • As you examine your patient and want to know about his or her care from other providers, you can instantly search their MedKaz — without having to flip through multiple screens — and read their other doctors’ notes (you can even download copies for your files).
  • When you have finished, you enter your progress notes in your charting system as usual. Your assistant uploads a copy to our Server or sends a copy to us to process. (When your EMR system has an API interface with MedKaz, your notes will upload automatically.)

I'm too busy. I don't have time to learn to use MedKaz.

No special training is required! If you can perform a search and read a document in a browser, you’ll manage it easily and so will your patients.

How much will MedKaz cost me or my hospital?

Nothing! Instead of you paying us, we pay you — to upload your patient’s records to our Server (it only takes a minute or so). MedKaz is free to you and requires only a small investment in standalone computers. Your ROI will be outstanding.

Even better, MedKaz enables patients to share their records with loved ones who can call or see them regularly and ensure they are taking their meds and doing what they’re supposed to do. This saves you the cost of paying social workers or nurses to follow up with your patients.

Why is MedKaz a minidrive rather than a smartphone app?

Because more than 57 million adult Americans — most of whom are heavy users of healthcare — do not own smartphones. They include almost 30 million senior citizens and more than 50 million low income earners (including some seniors). In contrast, anyone can afford and use MedKaz. (When more own smartphones, we’ll offer MedKaz as an app.)

Whom do I contact if I have a problem with patients' MedKaz?

Email or call Provider Support at 877 580-4500.


  • You enjoy happier, healthier employees/insureds, less abenteeism, greater productivity, fewer insurance claims and reduced health insurance costs.

  • Your employees/insureds enjoy peace of mind, better care and better health. They’ll also need fewer tests and sick days — saves them deductibles and copays, and you the cost of care that’s not required.

  • Providers treating your employees can coordinate their care, provide better care at lower cost and increase their income.

We’re happy with the wellness benefits we offer. Why add MedKaz?

Because it will directly reduce your health insurance costs and enable your employees/insureds to better manage their own care.

With MedKaz, your employees’ doctors can coordinate their care and avoid costly mistakes and unnecessary visits, tests, procedures. You enjoy the bulk of these savings; your employees/insureds save deductibles and copays.

How much does MedKaz cost?

Purchased by an employer, insurer or government agency, the cost can be as low as $4.00 per participant per month. Purchased by an individual it is $99 per year or $9.00 per month.

This cost is easily recovered when one mistake, visit or unnecessary test is avoided. When extensive blood tests, MRIs, CT Scans, a day in an ICU, or a night in the hospital are avoided, your ROI will be off the charts!

How does MedKaz work?

When a patient requires care, he gives his MedKaz to his doctor who logs on and reads a current Health Summary and other documents that quickly update her on her patient’s issues.

  • As she examines her patient and needs to understand his current and prior care from other doctors, she electronically searches for and reads specific records on his MedKaz.
  • Also, if the patient changes any personal information, such his address or employer, we automatically send a copy of the changes to each provider so they can update their records.

What if MedKaz is lost or corrupted?

It’s encrypted so the records are secure. The employee/insured simply recovers their backed-up records to a new MedKaz.

Why would doctors and hospitals support MedKaz?

For three simple reasons.

  • It enables them to deliver, better, coordinated, lower-cost care to their patients.
  • It can materially increase their income. A typical PCP who dispenses and updates a patient’s MedKaz can take home as much as $50,000 more annually. Hospitals and ACOs, depending upon their size, can earn additional $millions annually.
  • By enabling doctors to share patients’ records, MedKaz makes possible fundamental changes in the way healthcare is delivered, the delivery system is organized, and providers are paid — including the emergence of retail urgent care centers, ACOs, and value-based care.

Whom do we contact to discuss MedKaz and arrange a demo?

Email, or call Customer Service at 877 580-4500.